Thursday, July 5, 2012

Special Theme Days for VBS....

Craft Needs for VBS:
If you have an empty cereal box, a paper towel tube or an unwanted Cd (blank, music, anything), the VBS kids will turn this trash into under the sea treasures!

Below are our theme days and the color of the day.  Kids are encouraged to participate in the theme or wear the color of the day.

Monday - Opening Day
Be Ready for a Great Time.
Noah Depends on God...Depend on God
Color of the Day is Yellow.

Tuesday  - Crazy Day!
We don’t Care how Zany you get.
Go for, hat, sunglasses, clothes.
A Servant Girl Dares to Care...Dare to Care
Color of the Day is Red

Wednesday - Bring a Friend Day.
Invite a friend to have a good time too.
John Proclaims Jesus...Claim Jesus
Color of the Day is Blue

Thursday- Water Day (weather permitting)
Follow these directions for a safe and fun time:
Wear your swim suit. Bring a towel and a dry change 
of clothes. Don’t forget your sun block too!
The Disciples Choose to Follow Jesus...Choose to Follow
Color of the Day is Purple

Friday - Bring One Art Supply for the Women & Children's Homeless Shelter
We'll send a flyer with details home with the children with details at the beginning of the week.
Paul Delivers Good News...Change the World
Color of the Day is Green

Sunday- Worship With Us.
Please join us for worship at 10am.
The kids will sing the songs they’ve learned this week and we’ll have cake after the service.